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There are four very extensive Guide Books at Estuary House that we've put together for you, listing roughly 70 Places To Go and Things To Do, from hiring donkeys for a day's trek and picnic, nearest sandy beaches, kid's maze and aquarium, to visiting local markets, abbeys, gardens, medieval villages, trips to nearby islands and the most gorgeous spots that Brittany has to offer.

These guides include hundreds of photographs, directions and how long it'll take you to get to each one. Here's a PDF sample of one of the local beaches.

Meanwhile, here are a few summaries to whet your appetite....


QUIMPER (pronounced CAM-PAIR) is a beautifully picturesque riverside town. It takes 30 minutes to drive there and is perfect for a stylish and sophisticated shopping expedition - shop 'till you drop territory! - Or just wander around the cobbled streets with their half-timbered houses and do a little bit of people-watching from the dozens of pavement cafés.

Don't miss the central square with it's magnificent cathedral or the indoor market which has the most mouth-watering selection of typical French gastronomy!

Weekly outdoor markets are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

What's happening in Quimper....

Cobbled streets of old Quimper

- The cobbled streets of old Quimper -



POINTE D'ARMORIQUE - This beauty spot is only a 20 minute drive away (directions at the house), great place for a lazy day on the beach coupled with a wonderful crêperie overlooking the sea. If you arrive in the area too early to access the house then this is the ideal location to spend a couple of hours.

The closest beach at Pointe d'Armorique

You'll never find a beach in Brittany that's packed with people, these photos were taken in the middle of July and as you can see there's hardly a soul around!



Crêperie at Pointe d'Armorique overlooking the sea

....... or surrounded by flowers Quiet sandy beach with unusual rock formation  
- Crêperie at Pointe d'Armorique overlooking the sea....... or surrounded by flowers -
- Quiet sandy beach with unusual rocks -


Map of the Crozon peninsula



From the top of the Menez-Hom (well worth a visit), a hill situated at the beginning of the Crozon peninsula, there is a magnificent panoramic view over Dournanez Bay to the south. To the north, the outlook is over the River Aulne, and its almost fjord-like estuary where it flows into the Brest Channel.

At the mouth of the Aulne lie the remains of the ancient 5th century Landévennec abbey which is just about visible from the house.

The Crozon Peninsula is legendary for it's panoramic views, stunning scenery, sandy beaches and historic fishing ports - you must visit Camaret, Morgat and Concarneau at least......



Typical French cafe

Une table for six monsieur?


CAMARET-SUR-MER: A small fishing village, Camaret was once a very active crayfishing port and has now become a charming tourist resort. It still looks very much like a harbour but over the years most of the colourful sailors' houses have been transformed into cafés, shops, seafood restaurants and crèperies.

The harbour of Camaret is protected by a curved natural jetty, on which the famous architect Vauban built fortifications to protect the port of Brest. The Vauban Tower now hosts a small maritime museum and was classed a World Heritage site in 2008.

Although there are dozens of restaurants in Camaret, the Côté Mer Café Brasserie Restaurant is very highly rated for the freshest seafood and great steaks, the staff are great fun too!

View of the harbour at Camaret








- The harbour at Camaret -



CONCARNEAU - Not to be missed!

The medieval walled town of Concarneau is one of the most photographed in Brittany. Stroll around it's narrow cobbled streets among the 90 shops, galleries, restaurants and creperies, and you'll often see street performers and musicians there too.

There are also boat trips out to the Isles des Glenan, a small archilepago and seabird sanctuary, and if you're up in time it's worth going to the early morning fish auction, 'la criee', a great experience although the daily business of selling fish is still a complete mystery! The Fishing Museum is well worth a visit too.


One of the restaurant-filled streets

- One of the restaurant-filled streets -

Sightseeing trip by train





Take a trip on this cute little train.......

Dinghy sailiing simulator





or try your hand at dinghy sailing......

What's happening in Concarneau......


Locronan church









- Locronan church -


LOCRONAN is a fascinating little town frozen in time which is now pedestrianised - but the car park's only 100 yds or so away, leave your car outside in the car park for just €3. The town was built in the 15th century and is incredibly well preserved. Film directors love its authenticity, even if Roman Polanski, filming Tess of the d'Urbevilles, deemed it necessary to change all the porches, put new windows on the Renaissance houses, and bury the main square in mud to make it all look a bit more English!

Today Locronan is once more prosperous, with its main source of income the tourists who buy wooden statues carved by local artisans, pottery brought up from the Midi and leather jackets. This commercialization should not, however, put you off making at least a passing visit, for the town itself is genuinely remarkable, centred around the focal Église St-Ronan. Be sure to take the time to walk down the hill of the rue Moal, where the lovely little stone chapel of Nôtre-Dame de Bonne Nouvelle holds some surprising modern stained glass, and a wooden statue of a depressed-looking Jesus.

What's happening in Locronan..............


Stained glass inside Locronan church








- Beautiful stained glass window, Locronan church -

The main square








- The main square, filled with dozens of interesting little shops -



BREST is a vast, natural harbour that took a terrible pounding during the last war and the rebuilt city is not very attractive but some parts of old Brest still remain such as the squares and streets overlooking the harbour, the 15th century castle and La Place Guerin, the haunt of local artists and poets and is a welcoming place to eat in the evenings.

The infamous island of Ushant, the Ile d'Ouessant, lies out to the west and now forms part of the Armorique Nature Park. A boat trip there takes about 1 hour and once there you can get around by bike or minibus.

OCEANOPOLIS is one of the best aquariums in France and is only just over 20 minutes away. It has 42 aquariums and 3 climatic zones: polar (the penguins are cute!), temperate and tropical. From May 5th - Sept 3rd, opening times are 9am-6pm, otherwise 10-5pm. Have a look at their site (in English too) Oceanopolis

Opposite the main harbour is a mass of restaurants, mainly seafood, the best of which is 'Maison de l'Océan,' see their stunning seafood on the right, and a few doors along is a crab house that sells nothing but...........crab. If you're in need of a smashing time with hammer and chisel this is the place to go!

What's happening in Brest......


Seafood platter

Seafood tower at Maison de l'Océané

- Stunning seafood at the Maison de l'Ocean -

See their website here for more photos and menus


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